Teknos OÜ

Teknos OÜ’s Marketing Strategy

The first step in creating Teknos OÜ’s marketing strategy and selecting the appropriate tactical moves was commissioning research in order to get to know the local paint buyers, their preferences and behaviour. The brand’s positioning was customized to suit local needs and based on analysis a strong marketing plan was put together. The plan covers all the various touch points, helping to communicate the brand’s messages to its target market. Every year the strategy is finetuned based on new research results and all tactical plans are renewed accordingly.

MyMagic by Trendnails

MyMagic’s Marketing Strategy

MyMagic by Trendnails is a quality brand offering various nail care products, held in high regard by industry professionals. We started our strategic work by first gaining a thorough understanding of the beauty market and its current trends. Both qualitative and quantitative research was used to find out what influences nail artists’ buying preferences and brand loyalty. We helped the company divide various marketing related responsibilities between its management team, implement a comprehensive marketing plan and create a new loyalty program.

MPharma OÜ

Marketing Strategy for Lamberts Sports Range in Estonia

Lamberts is UK’s top rated food supplement company, represented in Estonia and the Baltics by MPharma OÜ. After researching the local market and Estonian consumer segments, we produced a strategy and a marketing plan, outlining an effective combination of tactical methods for achieving its business goals in Estonia’s sports nutrition sector.

Korp! Sakala

Korp! Sakala’s Communication Strategy

Korp! Sakala is an academic fraternal organization, established in 1909. Following our successful recruitment campaign in 2017, we helped the fraternity develop a long-term communications strategy, which aims to raise awareness and interest among Estonian university students.


Karja Castle Guest Apartments

We created the brand concept, brand name and visual style for Karja Castle Guest Apartments, finding inspiration from its location in the Old Town of Haapsalu. The apartments are close to the Bishop’s Castle, which is why we also decided to name its facilities accordingly – the Bishop’s Residence and Count’s Apartment.

Constream OÜ

Constream OÜ designs and builds modular houses, offering a variety of services, including those that require very specific engineering skills and expertise. We positioned the brand based on Constream’s line of business and target market, which was followed by creating a unique visual style for the company.

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